12 recorded journeys into Telos: A 5D Portal

I have recorded 12 powerful and unique Journeys inside Telos, the fifth dimensional Lemurian city within Mount Shasta.

Each recording holds it’s own energetic frequency and will activate one or more of your 4 subtle bodies to assist you as you assimilate the frequencies of ascension. 

During these recordings you will:

  • Heal specific parts of your 4 subtle bodies including your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies

  • Integrate more of your Higher Self

  • Receive powerful energetic activations from Star Beings

  • Open and activate your 15 chakra systems.

  • Heal limiting beliefs and emotions within the physical body

  • Experience your Christ Light, your I am Presence and your light body

  • Remember who you are and why you are here

  • Interact with Multi-Dimensioanl beings such as Ascended Masters, your Guides, Lemurians, Angels and Star Beings

  • Learn to Travel with your Etheric Body

Download all 12 Recordings $175.00 USD

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Set 1

Sacred Flame Temple Journey's

Will of God Temple

  • Work with the Blue Flame of the Will of God W/Master l Morya

  • Surrender to the path that is laid before with love, trust and commitment.

  • Release fears, doubts and insecurities holding you back from connecting to your Self, purpose, voice and path.

  • Meet and merge with your Higher Self

  • Clear and activate your throat chakra.

Will of God Temple Journey $22 USD


Illumination Temple

  • Work with the Yellow Flame of Wisdom & Illumination W/ Master Lord Lanto

  • Surrender the erroneous beliefs you have about yourself that have kept you in pain and limitation.

  • Experience and begin to merge the Ego with your Higher Self.

  • Reawaken and illuminate the attributes of your Higher Self

  • Activate your Crown Chakra allowing for more of your channel and energetic messages to to flow through.

Illumination Temple Journey $22 USD


Crystal Rose Flame Temple

  • Work with the Pink Rose flame of Divine LoveW/Paul the Venitian

  • Experience the opening and activation of the Christ Light within your Heart

  • Release any pain, trauma, fears, beliefs held in your Heart that no longer serve you

  • Expand into more compassion and unconditional love for yourself and humanity

  • Activate, clear and heal your Heart Chakra

Crystal Rose Flame Temple Journey $22 USD


Ascension Temple

  • Work with the White Flame of Purity W/Lord Serapis Bey

  • Activate your light body and your DNA

  • Experience an atomic accelerator that will raise the light frequency within your body

  • Set goals and intentions for your current ascension

  • Experience a powerful third eye activation opening up your multidimensional senses

AscensionTemple Journey $22 USD


Resurrection Temple

  • Work with the Golden Flame of Resurrection W/ Lord Sananda and Lady Nada

  • Experience the power of your electrons and atoms as Source energy creating your reality

  • Connect with your Divine Plan and to your gifts and purpose in this life

  • Bring light to your thoughts, intentions and emotions and their ability to create your reality

  • Set powerful intentions for your life and your work going forward

Resurrection Temple Journey $22 USD


Violet Flame Temple

  • Work with the Violet Flame of Transmutation W/Master Saint Germain.

  • Experience, connect and embrace your I am Presence.

  • Experience powerful energetic clearings throughout your 4 subtle bodies

  • Transmute and release past traumas, pain and experiences held within your body.

  • Feel more clear, integrated and aligned within your physical body and your Higher Self

Violet Flame Temple Journey $22 USD

Set 2

Experiencing Lemuria

Star Activation Chamber 

  • Powerful Activations and Healings from beautiful benevolent Star Beings

  • Activate your dormant Star Lineage within your cells and DNA

  • Align and Activate your 15 energy centers

  • Remember your Star Heritage

  • Leave the journey feeling deeply loved and supported by your Star Family

Star Activation Journey $22 USD


Illuminating your purpose

  • Connect to your purpose

  • Receive Guidance from Mary Magdalene and Jesus

  • Understand the role your Higher Self and I Am Presence play in uncovering your Purpose

  • Leave the journey feeling a deep connection to your purpose, your Humanity, and your Higher Self and I am Presence

Illuminating Your Purpose Journey $22 USD


Lemurian Heart Temple 

  • Experience a beautiful Lemurian Heart Temple

  • Receive a powerful Lemurian heart activation by 6 Lemurian priestesses

  • Allow the Angels to hold you in their wings and to soften every aspect of your humanness

  • Leave the journey feeling deeply loved and your heart opened

Lemurian Heart Temple Journey $22 USD


Sacred Lemurian Water ceremony 

  • Experience a powerful water ceremony with a group of 13 Lemurian Priestesses

  • Set a powerful prayer for yourself

  • Manifest the next highest version of yourself for this moment

  • Leave the journey feeling embodied and connected to your prayer and your multi-dimensional Self

Sacred Lemurian Water Ceremony Journey $22 USD


Higher Self Embodiment with Adama

  • Allow Adama to bring in all of your Higher Self

  • Feel, see and experience your Light within your Physical body

  • Learn how to see, feel and remove energy blocks that restrict the flow of Light moving through you.

  • Leave this journey with a deep alignment, understanding and connection to your Higher Self & I Am Presence.

Higher Self Embodiment with Adama Journey $22 USD


Expanded Version of  YOU

  • Experience your multi-dimensional Self; both the 3D and 5D version of you.

  • Receive a birds eye view of these 2 distinct aspects of your Self.

  • Feel, hear, see and experience these two versions of yourself.

  • Understand the integration of these 2 aspects of you as ascension.

  • Leave this journey with a larger perspective of your multi-dimensional Self and deeper understanding of ascension.

Expanded Version of you Journey $22 USD



Download all 12 Recordings $175.00 ($350 Value) 

MP3 DELIVERY: Once you purchase your Temple Journey the MP3 will automatically be sent to you via the email account connected to your PayPal account. Please make sure you check that email account for the delivery of your purchase.