Discover, embody and LIVE your purpose!

Are you ready to step into your Purpose?

Are you ready to move through your ascension with more ease and grace?

Are you desiring a container to hold you while you navigate the next steps along your path?

Are you ready to partner with your Higher Self and understand your multi-dimensionality?


I designed this unique mentorship based on my own personal journey of discovering my purpose work and peeling back the layers of my multi-dimensional self.  I have been through the struggle, the fear, the confusion, the not knowing. I know what it feels like to know you are here for something BIG but aren't sure how or what to do to get there. Through my own struggle to find and step into my purpose I have created a three month mentorship that will allow you to discvoer, embody and LIVE your SOULS purpose. 

We walk together for three months in a sacred container that is held by the beautiful beings within Telos. We access this portal each time we connect and you experience and feel your multi-dimensional Self which allows you to begin to remember who you are and why you are here. 

You were born with a very unique purpose, what I like to call your divine blueprint. It is held within your cells.  As you move deeper into your ascension you may be reminded of this purpose daily.  It may feel like someone knocking on your door. That is because you made a contract with yourself prior to coming down to Earth. And you are reawakening to this knowing.

It is time.

What are you here to share with the world?

Let's walk side by side with the beautiful city of Telos as our light house and begin to peel back the layers of who you are and why you are here. 

This three month Journey will require:



It takes courage to step into your Purpose. It took me many years to surrender to who I am and why I am here. I understand the frustration, confusion, fear, anticipation of slowly waking up and wanting to do what you came down here to do.  I am here to walk with you as you re-rememmber your pupose and step boldy into your Souls Blueprint. 


This path requires patience, surrender, trust and a willingness to keep going. I promise you where you are going will be beyond your wildest dreams. I have had to surrender more times than I imagined and through my own deep surrendering I have learned a tremendous amount. I will share everything with you. 

knowing you are safe

You are safe to be seen and heard. You are safe to share your deepest messsage's and gifts and you are safe to explore who you are and why you are here!  You are safe to shine. One of the most difficult parts of beginning to do my purpose work was truly understanding how safe I was in stepping into who I came here to be. The more I let go the more I felt how safe I was. I will show you this safety.  

The mentorship Program Provides:

  • Guidance, clarity and support as you discover and embody your Souls Purpose
  • Tangable tools to assist in accessing and utilizing your innate gifts
  • Support in stepping boldly into your light 
  • Access and utilize your Chanel
  • Partner with your Higher Self and Guides
  • Clear emotional blocks, limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviors
  • Energetic clearings and upgrades
  • Align your voice with your purpose
  • Fine tune your intuition and live in accordance with your inner knowing
  • Assistance as you gracefully shift into the Fifth Dimension
  • Manifest and create the life of your wildest dreams

What is included:

  • 6 calls (two 90 minute calls a month) 
  • 1 live Guided Journey into Telos via zoom (90 minutes)
  • 6 recorded Temple Journeys into Telos 
  • Unlimited email support and encouragement to keep you focused and motivated
  • Direct connection and access to Telos and all the multi-dimensinal Beings ready to support you


If this resonates with you let's connect.

Click the link below to email me. 

I will answer any questions and we can Discover if we are a good fit. 

Jump and you will learn how to unfold your wings as you fall
— Ray Bradbury