10 essential components to our evolutionary shift

Today I received the below message from Adama about our shift from third dimension to fifth dimension. Adama is a high priest that lives inside Telos, a city of light within Mount Shasta. 

In order for humanity to shift into a higher vibration we have to become consciously aware that we are light beings held in a third dimensional body. Our energy is condensed into a very low vibration thus allowing us to forget just how big we really are.  We are here on the earth at this time to experience the evolution of our light into the next level of human awareness, the fifth dimension.  

We have to understand some key components in this evolution. Below are ten simple understandings that can bring a deeper awareness into the vibrational shifts that are occurring within us. 

  1. We must understand that we are light and this light is held within our third dimensional bodies. This light is who we are, who we have always been and who we will go back to.  
  2. Light is energy therefore we are all energy.
  3. Your light is held within your heart and expands out from there. 
  4. Your light is brought in from Source through what I like to call a “tube”. This tube moves Light (you) from Source down through your five additional chakras, through your higher self, in though your crown chakra and held within your heart. 
  5. You are always connected to Source through this tube. Every single living being on the planet has a “tube” that connects them to Source.  This includes human, animal, tree, plant insect, or anything in between. 
  6. The more you stay consciously aware of this light coming in the more you shift into living as the light being you are. 
  7. The way you continue to live as this light being is by asking for more of your higher self / christ light to move into your body through the opening of your crown chakra.  
  8. The more light you hold within your body the more you are able to move into higher vibrational frequencies and live within those frequencies. 
  9. Understanding and acknowledging that your ego will get in the way of this vibrational shift as its job here is to protect you. Ego has the ability to stop our shift into higher dimensions of being as a form of protection.  It doesn't quite understand the light body. It filters information and experiences, asks questions with doubt, and moves things out of our awareness to protect us. It is our job to love the ego enough to ask it to step aside during moments of conscious energy downloads. 
  10. You have already ascending to the fifth dimension. It’s just time now to remember who you have always been and awaken to your greatest evolution.