How our EGO guides us closer to our light and our message

I had an eating disorder for 10 years of my life. Thankfully it is not active any longer but there are days when that voice, you know the one, the one that tells you your fat, your HUGE, you can’t eat that or you SHOULD eat all that…it’s a voice so strong and powerful that it holds you captive in your own body, a prisoner to your own fears and beliefs. It’s so STRONG that even when that voice has been a stranger for so long it can easily, without warning creep up and become the loudest voice in your head. 

As I begin to leave my corporate job and move completely into my GOD GIVEN SOUL PURPOSE WORK, my ego is scared shitless. So it is turning to the behaviors and beliefs it has used in the past to soothe and control my outside world to make me feel safe on the inside. The last two days that voice, the voice that has kept me safe for so many years, the voice that believes it’s only role is to protect me from the world, has returned.  But this time I am observing, I am questioning, I am seeing it for what it is and why it is here and I am just allowing it to be. For I know that withoutmy BODY I can not serve the world. WITHOUT OUR BODIES WE CAN NOT SERVE THE WORLD. It's our vessel. It’s here to literally serve one main purpose; To carry our spirit. So why do we hate it, judge it critique it? We should respect it. Honor it. Cherish it. Thank it!!!!

You see, as we awaken, as we shift, as we increase our vibration within our bodies we are,without even knowing it, clearing out ALL the old beliefs and fears that have held us down for so long. Whatever it is you have used in the past or perhaps right now to soothe you, to hide you, to protect you from who you really are is coming up. I can guarantee the more you boldly stand in your light and walk with strong force into your SOUL PURPOSE your old limiting beliefs will reappear, your addictions will want to come back, your old beliefs will want to be heard and seen and your ego will try and stop you from moving forward. Not because it doesn't love but quite the opposite because it loves you so much it wants to protect you.

So, when you feel, see, hear ALL the limiting beliefs, fears, thoughts that flood your mind at this time, embrace it! Know that this means you are transforming! Know that without it coming up you CAN NOT become the butterfly! You have to morph, you have to clear out, you have to FREE UP all the limiting, controlling, OLD ways of being to ALLOW for all the amazing love and light that you are to FLOOD IN!

I honor us all as we face ourselves in the mirror and just like the light warriors we came down here to be we stand tall, open our hearts and TRUST that we will make it!

I love you all!