To The Volunteers

To all the volunteers

Don’t forget

We volunteered for this

We chose to participate in the most magnificent show in the universe

Each and every one of us stood up and raised our hand and said...

“Yes please. I want to experience that”

“I want to assist humanity in the Earth’s ascension”

“I know I can do it”

“I want to serve”

“I want to volunteer”

And with an arena full of your peers you were granted permission

And you along with many other volunteers were cheered as you prepared for your mission; your decent down to Earth.

You were ready to give up everything, to dim your light, to wake them up

You were told…You won’t remember who you are

You were told….you will have pain

You will suffer, struggle, fear, and feel alone

You were told you will not want to stay

You were told you might quit

But, you stood proud in you most glorious light, with so much love in your heart for humanity

There was nothing in the entire universe you would rather do then serve that great beautiful planet and all the beings on it

You said ok

You turned toward the Earth and you jumped…

Today, tonight, right now…its time to once again to jump

Jump back into your remembrance

Jump back into you truth

Jump back into your knowing

Your heart 

Your light

It is no coincidence you are reading this

This is your story

Thank you for your service!

Thank you for your bravery!

Thank you for dimming your light so you could be here right now to shine so bright the rest of the world has nothing else to do but shine their light

Its time to wake up and do what you came down here to do

We love and honor you

We are waiting for you in that large arena where you first volunteered

Ready to cheer you home

We are watching you from a far

We will not let you fail