Message From Adama on Our Ascension


Hello Dear Children,

The amount of love we feel for you in Telos is indescribable. 

You are all moving through this acceleration and transition in the most beautiful way. You can’t see it right now but your light is shining brighter every day!

We watch you on a daily basis.

We know how tough this is we have done it. We are here to honor every single one of you as you move through this transition. Every single one of you has a unique and specific purpose for being here at this time. Every single one of you are here to share your gift with the world. You can feel it within your heart, your intuition and your voice.

We recommend sitting quietly with yourself to center and focus even more within you. Listen to who you are during this awakening.  Listen to your voice, your intuition and your truth.

Follow your intuition first and foremost. Follow that voice! Trust that voice above and beyond anything else in your life. That's your compass!

Allow your light to flood through your body on a regular basis. 

Allow your Higher Self to move into you and begin to walk hand in hand with you. Feel and watch the miracles happen. 

Honor those around you that are showing you the way. Honor those that are going to be coming to you to show them the way. Honor yourself!

You all came down here at this time to volunteer.  You wanted to experience this moment and Ascend on the planet. This is a huge event in the Universe and you chose to participate in this event. We are cheering you on. You have more support then you could possibly imagine right now.

You are lifted up by the light of the universe!

May my voice and my message remind you of who you are and why you are here. May my voice and my message remind you that you are doing it!

We are honored to be here with you. 

We feel your fear. We feel your doubt and lack. We feel your struggle. We know how difficult it is. We have done it. 

We beg of you to keep going and don't give up. 

We beg of you to move into your heart and your body. We beg of you to live within your higher self to remember who you are in this process.

We beg of you to call on us at night in your beds so we can heal you in our temples within Telos. You don't need to know which temple you just need to ask us to take you into Telos and we will guide you. We will do the healing.

It is time to begin to walk you into the fifth dimension.  Its time to not just think about what fifth dimension is but allow you to see and experience it as you are transitioning into it. Why else would we be here right now. Our only purpose is to guide you here. To show you where you are going and how you will live. We are eagerly waiting for you, arms opened. 

We leave you with this very simple reminder…

We are watching you. 

We are loving you.

We are honoring you.

We are guiding you back to your light, to your heart ,to the New Earth, to a higher dimension of reality.

We are guiding you back to love!