Opening up your Eighth Chakra

As we move into the Fifth Dimensional vibration we are being asked to come back into our bodies. To embody our full presence.

Many of us have separated from our physical bodies so we won't have to feel or experience what happened in our past or the current emotions we feel today. Meaning we LIVE in our heads andour minds.  And this served us for many years, however as we move into higher vibrations we are being required to anchor down into our bodies to hold the higher vibrations and to embody our Higher Selves within us. 

The higher the vibration the more rooted we need to be. So it's a balancing act of rooting into mother earth through the root chakra and opening up to our Higher Selves allowing her/him to move down into us through our Crown Chakra, Simultaneously. 

We no longer need to leave our bodies to experience our Higher Self and we no longer need to escape our bodies so as not to feel. Its time to embody our Higher Selves within our body!  This is the next step for all of us. 

This is the process of opening up the eighth chakra to merge body and soul!