Trust your Path!

So here it is…

You state your intentions. You manifest what you want. You write it down. You turn it over to the universe and then….You begin to trust!

And this is when it becomes real. This is when the rubber hit the roads. You will be tested. You will be shown the other road. You know the road you no longer want to go down, the road you are walking away from so you can begin to walk down the road of your purpose! It will call you back through fear, doubt, insecurity. It will call you back and you will turn around and look at it; Feeling all the comfort and security it gave you. it's so familiar. It’s always there for you. You know what you are going to get. 


It's not you! 

it's not your path any longer. You created and manifested the new road you are starting out on and this road is unpaved; Its more like gravel, maybe dirt, if you are lucky there are some lights directing you but let me tell you there are no familiar signs. Its all new. Its all unfamiliar and yet it is your hearts desire. 

It is your truth!

It is your purpose!

It is your calling! 

It is why you are here at this time!

So you take one step in front of the other on this unpaved, unlit road. Looking ahead in the distance you see some people cheering you on. You hear the voices saying… 


You look back at the other road and you see no one, you hear nothing, you just feel the familiar feeling of states quo and you turn back around and walk. 

You walk on. And with each step forward, even though you can’t see anything ahead of you, you trust!

You asked the universe for this road and so you walk blindly with all the trust in your heart and you know that if you give your everything, your 100% effort, your heart and soul to this road you will succeed. It will become the familiar lit road that will bring you all the financial abundance, all the love and light, all your service to humanity! 

You will stand in your fullest and brightest light on this road. 

You will shine with all your heart on this road. 

You will be surrounded by all your guides and angels and star family on this road. 

And then one day… you will turn around and look back… and you will see that even in the dark… your path was always lite brighter then you could imagine, you just couldn't see from where you were standing. 

You look back and you see your old self scared, feeling alone and lost and just walking blindly into the vast openness and yet you see ALL the BEINGS OF LIGHT surrounding you and guiding you forward.

Don’t give up!

Know that you are guided by all the light and love in the universe!

Know that it may be dark, it may be dirty, there may be obstacles and challenges that need to be pushed through… But you are on YOUR path!

You asked for this!

You manifested this!

You created this!

Don’t go back to the old familiar road. It no longer serves you!


You are creating the life of your wildest dreams and it's unfolding right in front of you!