You Have a Promise to Keep...Your Mission. People are Waiting!

You know you are here to Go Big! You know you are here to fulfill your Divine Soul Contract and to be of Service to Humanity.

You are a volunteer and as such you made a promise to yourself prior to coming down to Earth. That promise was that you would serve humanity in the Ascension process.  The time is now! There are thousands of people waiting for you to wake up to your mission and to serve the Planet. The time is now.

Watch the video below. It will send a shock wave of remembrance straight to your heart!

Trust your Path!

So here it is…

You state your intentions. You manifest what you want. You write it down. You turn it over to the universe and then….You begin to trust!

And this is when it becomes real. This is when the rubber hit the roads. You will be tested. You will be shown the other road. You know the road you no longer want to go down, the road you are walking away from so you can begin to walk down the road of your purpose! It will call you back through fear, doubt, insecurity. It will call you back and you will turn around and look at it; Feeling all the comfort and security it gave you. it's so familiar. It’s always there for you. You know what you are going to get. 


It's not you! 

it's not your path any longer. You created and manifested the new road you are starting out on and this road is unpaved; Its more like gravel, maybe dirt, if you are lucky there are some lights directing you but let me tell you there are no familiar signs. Its all new. Its all unfamiliar and yet it is your hearts desire. 

It is your truth!

It is your purpose!

It is your calling! 

It is why you are here at this time!

So you take one step in front of the other on this unpaved, unlit road. Looking ahead in the distance you see some people cheering you on. You hear the voices saying… 


You look back at the other road and you see no one, you hear nothing, you just feel the familiar feeling of states quo and you turn back around and walk. 

You walk on. And with each step forward, even though you can’t see anything ahead of you, you trust!

You asked the universe for this road and so you walk blindly with all the trust in your heart and you know that if you give your everything, your 100% effort, your heart and soul to this road you will succeed. It will become the familiar lit road that will bring you all the financial abundance, all the love and light, all your service to humanity! 

You will stand in your fullest and brightest light on this road. 

You will shine with all your heart on this road. 

You will be surrounded by all your guides and angels and star family on this road. 

And then one day… you will turn around and look back… and you will see that even in the dark… your path was always lite brighter then you could imagine, you just couldn't see from where you were standing. 

You look back and you see your old self scared, feeling alone and lost and just walking blindly into the vast openness and yet you see ALL the BEINGS OF LIGHT surrounding you and guiding you forward.

Don’t give up!

Know that you are guided by all the light and love in the universe!

Know that it may be dark, it may be dirty, there may be obstacles and challenges that need to be pushed through… But you are on YOUR path!

You asked for this!

You manifested this!

You created this!

Don’t go back to the old familiar road. It no longer serves you!


You are creating the life of your wildest dreams and it's unfolding right in front of you!

What is Telos? The Fifth Dimensional City of Light

In the video below I dicuss Telos the city inside Mount Shasta. I describe what it is, why it is here, who lives inside this city and all the amazing opportunities it has for us. As we shift into the fifth dimension this city and the beings inside it are here to guide us into this dimension with ease and grace.  I ask you to keep an open mind and listen as I describe where we are going and what the New Earth will look like :)


Ascension Process - Release the Emotions to Allow for More Higher Self!

In this video I describe the importance of releasing stuck emotions within the body to allow for more of your Light Body / Higher Self to move in.  We are all being asked to let the old emotions GO so we can let our Light SHINE within us! 

This is part of the Ascension Process. As we shift into a higher vibration and begin to awaken even deeper into our Divinity we are bringing in more of our Light Body, our Higher Self. In doing this the Light Body coming in pushes out the stuck emotions within the body. Thus we FEEL and RELEASE these emotions so more LIGHT can fill us up!
This is required to move through  our Ascension and awakening. 

Message From Adama on Our Ascension


Hello Dear Children,

The amount of love we feel for you in Telos is indescribable. 

You are all moving through this acceleration and transition in the most beautiful way. You can’t see it right now but your light is shining brighter every day!

We watch you on a daily basis.

We know how tough this is we have done it. We are here to honor every single one of you as you move through this transition. Every single one of you has a unique and specific purpose for being here at this time. Every single one of you are here to share your gift with the world. You can feel it within your heart, your intuition and your voice.

We recommend sitting quietly with yourself to center and focus even more within you. Listen to who you are during this awakening.  Listen to your voice, your intuition and your truth.

Follow your intuition first and foremost. Follow that voice! Trust that voice above and beyond anything else in your life. That's your compass!

Allow your light to flood through your body on a regular basis. 

Allow your Higher Self to move into you and begin to walk hand in hand with you. Feel and watch the miracles happen. 

Honor those around you that are showing you the way. Honor those that are going to be coming to you to show them the way. Honor yourself!

You all came down here at this time to volunteer.  You wanted to experience this moment and Ascend on the planet. This is a huge event in the Universe and you chose to participate in this event. We are cheering you on. You have more support then you could possibly imagine right now.

You are lifted up by the light of the universe!

May my voice and my message remind you of who you are and why you are here. May my voice and my message remind you that you are doing it!

We are honored to be here with you. 

We feel your fear. We feel your doubt and lack. We feel your struggle. We know how difficult it is. We have done it. 

We beg of you to keep going and don't give up. 

We beg of you to move into your heart and your body. We beg of you to live within your higher self to remember who you are in this process.

We beg of you to call on us at night in your beds so we can heal you in our temples within Telos. You don't need to know which temple you just need to ask us to take you into Telos and we will guide you. We will do the healing.

It is time to begin to walk you into the fifth dimension.  Its time to not just think about what fifth dimension is but allow you to see and experience it as you are transitioning into it. Why else would we be here right now. Our only purpose is to guide you here. To show you where you are going and how you will live. We are eagerly waiting for you, arms opened. 

We leave you with this very simple reminder…

We are watching you. 

We are loving you.

We are honoring you.

We are guiding you back to your light, to your heart ,to the New Earth, to a higher dimension of reality.

We are guiding you back to love!

Opening your arms to your Purpose

It can be frightening to step into our full Potential. 

Our highest truth.

Our brightest light.

Our deepest love.

It calls for each of us to move ever so gently or maybe ever so quickly into the unconditional arms of the one that's been there waiting for you all along... Spirit,Source,God, whatever you call IT.  It's holding you, pushing you, walking next to you as you move deeper and deeper into your truth. The courage, strength, determination to continue to follow their lead and trust their guidance is essential to your growth. 

It takes tremendous courage to step into your purpose. I was told by my guides 10 months ago that I was Lorie of Lemuria and I was a tad bit shocked. I think I actually spit out water when my guide told me. Although it felt right I was horrified. I didn't want that name. I sat with it for days. I asked over and over are you sure and each time they said yes!!!!  Weeks went by and Ild say really??? I have to come out this way??? And again yes!!! I laughed. I cried. I sat and stared at those three words for days. 

I didn't know who she was. What she was going to do or who she was going to serve but I knew for the first time in my life who I was. And although it is not what I expected I wouldn't have it any other way.

When you find your purpose, when you find your signature, the lock that fits the key you've held in your heart your entire life, everything changes. I've never felt so sure of anything. I've never felt so at home. I've never been more grateful for every single thing I went through in my life for had I not gone through it I would not be here now.

Thank you to the pain.

Thank you to the failures.

Thank you to the heartache, Mistakes, and detours.

Thank you for my intuition which through it all continues to guide me back on course. Back to the only reason for being here right now. 

You are being asked to step up into something bigger then anything you thought possible. 

I remind you to keep going. 

Put one foot in front of the other. 

Trust your voice, your intuition even when it's uncomfortable.

Don’t back down from the HUGE responsibility the universe has in store for you! 

There is a divine blue print in each and every one of us and when it's discovered, when you tap into that one specific code within your soul signature you will feel like you are home. 

It's scary. 

It's tough. 

It requires trust, determination, hard work, faith lots of faith and perseverance but don't give up. 

You discovered the secret to this amazing live out your purpose and to serve ALL OF WHO YOU ARE to humanity. 

Shout it from the top of the roof for its yours and yours alone and it's only purpose is to share it with the world. 

You are not alone. 

You have come to go big. 

You are home!


To The Volunteers

To all the volunteers

Don’t forget

We volunteered for this

We chose to participate in the most magnificent show in the universe

Each and every one of us stood up and raised our hand and said...

“Yes please. I want to experience that”

“I want to assist humanity in the Earth’s ascension”

“I know I can do it”

“I want to serve”

“I want to volunteer”

And with an arena full of your peers you were granted permission

And you along with many other volunteers were cheered as you prepared for your mission; your decent down to Earth.

You were ready to give up everything, to dim your light, to wake them up

You were told…You won’t remember who you are

You were told….you will have pain

You will suffer, struggle, fear, and feel alone

You were told you will not want to stay

You were told you might quit

But, you stood proud in you most glorious light, with so much love in your heart for humanity

There was nothing in the entire universe you would rather do then serve that great beautiful planet and all the beings on it

You said ok

You turned toward the Earth and you jumped…

Today, tonight, right now…its time to once again to jump

Jump back into your remembrance

Jump back into you truth

Jump back into your knowing

Your heart 

Your light

It is no coincidence you are reading this

This is your story

Thank you for your service!

Thank you for your bravery!

Thank you for dimming your light so you could be here right now to shine so bright the rest of the world has nothing else to do but shine their light

Its time to wake up and do what you came down here to do

We love and honor you

We are waiting for you in that large arena where you first volunteered

Ready to cheer you home

We are watching you from a far

We will not let you fail 

How our EGO guides us closer to our light and our message

I had an eating disorder for 10 years of my life. Thankfully it is not active any longer but there are days when that voice, you know the one, the one that tells you your fat, your HUGE, you can’t eat that or you SHOULD eat all that…it’s a voice so strong and powerful that it holds you captive in your own body, a prisoner to your own fears and beliefs. It’s so STRONG that even when that voice has been a stranger for so long it can easily, without warning creep up and become the loudest voice in your head. 

As I begin to leave my corporate job and move completely into my GOD GIVEN SOUL PURPOSE WORK, my ego is scared shitless. So it is turning to the behaviors and beliefs it has used in the past to soothe and control my outside world to make me feel safe on the inside. The last two days that voice, the voice that has kept me safe for so many years, the voice that believes it’s only role is to protect me from the world, has returned.  But this time I am observing, I am questioning, I am seeing it for what it is and why it is here and I am just allowing it to be. For I know that withoutmy BODY I can not serve the world. WITHOUT OUR BODIES WE CAN NOT SERVE THE WORLD. It's our vessel. It’s here to literally serve one main purpose; To carry our spirit. So why do we hate it, judge it critique it? We should respect it. Honor it. Cherish it. Thank it!!!!

You see, as we awaken, as we shift, as we increase our vibration within our bodies we are,without even knowing it, clearing out ALL the old beliefs and fears that have held us down for so long. Whatever it is you have used in the past or perhaps right now to soothe you, to hide you, to protect you from who you really are is coming up. I can guarantee the more you boldly stand in your light and walk with strong force into your SOUL PURPOSE your old limiting beliefs will reappear, your addictions will want to come back, your old beliefs will want to be heard and seen and your ego will try and stop you from moving forward. Not because it doesn't love but quite the opposite because it loves you so much it wants to protect you.

So, when you feel, see, hear ALL the limiting beliefs, fears, thoughts that flood your mind at this time, embrace it! Know that this means you are transforming! Know that without it coming up you CAN NOT become the butterfly! You have to morph, you have to clear out, you have to FREE UP all the limiting, controlling, OLD ways of being to ALLOW for all the amazing love and light that you are to FLOOD IN!

I honor us all as we face ourselves in the mirror and just like the light warriors we came down here to be we stand tall, open our hearts and TRUST that we will make it!

I love you all!