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6 Recorded Journeys Into Telos 

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Lemurian & Star Being Activations And Healings

6 unique recorded journeys inside Telos sharing activations and energetic healings from both the Lemurian's and Star Beings to activate and accelerate your ascension.

Star Activation Chamber

  • Powerful Activations and Healings from beautiful Star Beings

  • Activate your dormant Star Lineage within your cells and DNA

  • Align and Activate your 15 energy centers

  • Remember your  Star Heritage 

  • Leave the journey feeling deeply loved and supported by your Star Family

Illuminating your purpose

  • Connect to your purpose 

  • Receive Guidance from Mary Magdalene and Jesus

  • Understand the role your Higher Self and I Am Presence play in uncovering your Purpose

  • Leave the journey feeling a deep connection to your purpose, your Humanity, and your Higher Self and I am Presence

Lemurian Heart Temple

  • Experience a beautiful Lemurian Heart Temple

  • Receive a powerful Lemurian heart activation by 6 Lemurian priestesses

  • Allow the Angels to hold you in their wings and to soften every aspect of your humanness

  • Leave the journey feeling deeply loved and your heart opened  

Sacred Lemurian Water Ceremony

  • Experience a powerful water ceremony with a group of 13 Lemurian Priestesses 

  • Set a powerful prayer for yourself 

  • Manifest the next highest version of yourself for this moment

  • Leave the journey feeling embodied and connected to your prayer and your multi-dimensional Self

Higher Self Embodiment with Adama

  • Allow Adama to bring in all of your Higher Self

  • Feel, see and experience your Light within your Physical body

  • Learn how to see, feel and remove energy blocks that restrict the flow of Light moving through you.  

  • Leave this journey with a deep alignment, understanding and connection to your Higher Self & I Am Presence. 

Expanded Version of You

  • Experience your multi-dimensional Self; both the 3D and 5D version of you.

  • Receive a birds eye view of these 2 distinct aspects of your Self.

  • Feel, hear, see and experience these two versions of yourself.

  • Understand the integration of these 2 aspects of you as ascension.

  • Leave this journey with a larger perspective of your multi-dimensional Self and deeper understanding of ascension.