sit with a council of light beings

Experience a multi-dimensional portal

lIVE group journey (Via Zoom)

October 10th @ 10am PST

$49 USD


Join us for our next LIVE Group Journey into Telos We will gather online via zoom for 90 minutes.

Telos is part of the Inner Earth and is a Multi-Dimensional Portal that we access with our etheric bodies.

In this journey we will be connecting with a Council of Light Beings including YOUR FAMILY OF LIGHT (Star Family)

They are waiting for us and so excited to share this portal with us.

Please know you do not need to be “good” at meditating to join this journey. This experience is about you receiving the guidance and messages from this council. You will feel the energy of these Beings whether you are in the circle within the portal in your etheric body or sitting in your room. YOU WILL FEEL THE ENRGY & RECIVE THE MESSAGES.

Don’t allow the nervousness of going into Telos as a reason for not joining. This is SO MUCH MORE then journeying into Telos.

 "We are joining in circle with you”

 - Your Family of Light


A LIVE ONLINE 90 minute group guided journey into the Multi-Dimensional portal, Telos.. 


$49.00 USD


October 10th @ 10am PST


  • The Live Journey will be via ZOOM (webcast and dial in)

  • If you can't make it live the call will be recorded and emailed out within 4 hours

  • I will guide you through this journey in your etheric body using bi-location. I will walk with you step by step guiding you into the portal. AND REMEMBER THIS JOURNEY IS LESS ABOUT MOVING INTO TELOS AND ALL ABOUT FEELING THEM AND RECEIVING THIER MESSAGES.


  • Feel and experience a multi-dimensional Inner Earth Portal.

  • Receive messages and activations from The council of Light and Your Star Family

  • Relax in the arms of your Family of Light, Lemurian brothers and sisters, Ascended Masters, Angels and more.

  • Experience what many refer to as a "coming home”.