sit with a council of light beings

Experience a multi-dimensional portal

lIVE group journey (Via Zoom)

June 14th @ 11am PT

$49 USD


Join us for our next LIVE Group Journey into Telos We will gather online via zoom for 90 minutes.

Telos is part of the Inner Earth and is a Multi-Dimensional Portal that we access with our etheric bodies.

In this journey we will be connecting with a Council of Light Beings including the Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians and more.

Please know that even if you are not “good” at meditating, this journey is about you receiving the guidance and messages from this council. You will feel the energy of these Beings whether you are in the circle within the portal in your etheric body or sitting in your room. YOU WILL FEEL THE ENRGY & RECIVE THE MESSAGES.

Please don’t allow the nervousness of going into Telos as a reason for not joining. This is SO MUCH MORE then journeying into Telos. This particular journey is about connecting to their energies and receiving their messages.

 "We are joining in circle with you”

 - The Council of Light

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A LIVE ONLINE 90 minute group guided journey into the Multi-Dimensional portal, Telos.. 


$49.00 USD


June 14th @ 11am PT - 12:30pm PT


  • The Live Journey will be via ZOOM (webcast and dial in)

  • If you can't make it live the call will be recorded and emailed out within 4 hours

  • I will guide you through this journey in your etheric body using bi-location. I will walk with you step by step guiding you into the portal. AND REMEMBER THIS JOURNEY IS LESS ABOUT MOVING INTO TELOS AND ALL ABOUT FEELING THEM AND RECEIVING THIER MESSAGES.


  • Feel and experience a multi-dimensional Inner Earth Portal.

  • Receive messages and activations from The council of Light that will be sitting inc circle with us.

  • Relax in the arms of your Family of Light, Lemurian brothers and sisters, Ascended Masters, Angels and more.

  • Experience what many refer to as a "coming home”.



 These journeys to Telos that I am participating in are slowly guiding me step by step, enabling me to stay on my destined path. I am so grateful for the awareness and clear sight I am gifted with every journey I take with you to Telos. I felt nothing but peace and calm.  I saw colors and figures of very tall light beings everywhere.  I was really able to feel the energy, which was not too overwhelming. It was perfectly orchestrated by my Higher Self. I felt so supported. There was only one slight issue, I did not want to leave!  It felt so good basking in such wonderful energy and being in such a beautiful space. - Cheryl

It was an incredible experience and I am truly grateful I was guided to participate. It was validating in so many ways. I look forward to incorporating the messages into my life daily and embracing my purpose more fully.  - Allyson

I truly had such a beautiful experience. I felt so much Love and Gratitude. But in the Garden I felt so loved and supported like I could finally be my true self. And I just wept and wept in that space of Love and Gratitude for like a solid 15 minutes. It was all tears of Joy. - Katie

The Telos group tour was such a powerful experience, My physical body went through an intense healing process...My physical body just cried the whole time, literally. - Nick

As bittersweet the leaving is, I have to say, Telos sure knows how to throw a bash. What a celebration. - Vicki

Oh Lorie!  That was SO AMAZING! All that I received in there was confirmation of what has been coming to me over the past week.  That it is time to co-create with my Star Family.  That I am now living in my ‘new world’ of ease and grace and miracles and that I need to just communicate with them ALWAYS.  Constantly.  That we are in this TOGETHER.  To work together.  That I am as they are. - Katrina

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 I would love for you to join us!

It is be my deepest honor to serve you!