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Thank you so much for holding space for that incredible group journey into Telos! My experience was so incredibly amazing and powerful! so overwhelmed with feeling all that love and how much we are supported! It felt like I was guided there to download all those frequencies not just for myself but to teach this as well! I got exactly what I needed and I feel more ready than ever to ground into my mission here as a lightworker. - Letizia M.
Thank you, Lorie. It was an incredible experience and I am truly grateful I was guided to participate just hours before the journey. Thank you for what you are doing. It was validating in so many ways. I look forward to incorporating the messages into my life daily and embracing my purpose more fully. - Allyson M.
Omg Lorie. Thank you so much for guiding us in to Telos. I truly had such a beautiful experience. I felt so much Love and Gratitude. In my soul I didn’t realize how alone I felt on this Journey. As I sometimes feel like I don’t know the whole story and Im picking up pieces as I go along and sometimes feel like I shouldn’t do the lightwork I don because sometimes I don’t even understand whats happening. But in the Garden I felt so loved and supported like I could finally be my true self. And I j wept and wept in that space of Love and Gratitude for like a solid 15 minutes. It was all tears of Joy though. - Katie F.
Thank you for an amazing journey. My personal journey involved so many heavy downloads and activations. I felt nothing but peace and calm. I saw colors and figures of very tall light beings everywhere. I was really able to feel the energy, which was not too overwhelming. It was perfectly orchestrated by my Higher Self. I felt so supported. I know that Yeshua was standing with me, along with Mary Magdalene, and daughter Sarah. I did not want to leave! It felt so good basking in such wonderful energy and being in such a beautiful space. I will strive to attain that feeling while going within. - Cheryl S.
The Telos group tour was such a powerful experience, My physical bodies went through an intense healing process...
My physical body just cried the whole time, literally... - Nick H.
Oh Lorie! That was SO AMAZING! All that I received in there was confirmation of what has been coming to me over the past week. That it is time to co-create with my Star Family. That I am now living in my ‘new world’ of ease and grace and miracles and that I need to just communicate with them ALWAYS. Constantly. That we are in this TOGETHER. To work together. That I am as they are. Thank you. That was truly MAGIC. - Katrina K.
I’m still radiating/vibrating/illuminating at a cellular level as a result of our homecoming to Telos. It was profoundly sweet. I will NEVER forget the gentleness and depth of love for me. And what I love most about you as our Guide is your authenticity. You are grounded, soft and real. Thank you! - Doris R.
Thank you for another amazing journey into Telos. With each visit to Telos I return with more awareness. These journeys that I am participating in are slowly guiding me step by step, enabling me to stay on my destined path. I am so grateful for the awareness and clear sight I am gifted with every journey I take with you to Telos. I am grateful for your willingness to be the catalyst. Without you being willing to do this, so many people would still be searching for ways to meet their destinies. You help expedite the process, at least with me anyway. Also, I realized that with each journey new doors open in subtle ways. As you mentioned, it is a process. As we move into higher frequencies it will be easier to connect. When I meditate now I am able to “see” clearer visions, mostly pertaining to me and my healing abilities. Thank you! - Cheryl F.
Thank you so much!! These trips are so amazing and such a gift!! I sobbed hysterically through the entire thing starting when you first came on the video. Over the last couple of weeks I have been receiving connections to elemental beings – this week especially to the Unicorns and the White Lions. They were with me there in Telos, a Unicorn and a number of the lions. They gathered around me as I was laying down there. And Jesus and Mary were on either side of me, as they were in the last journey. Thank you so much for everything!! - Karen M.
Thanks for the awesome journey this morning and the recording. I really appreciate the trip there, especially the energetic transmission. Interestingly, I started tearing up even before you began the meditation. And throughout the journey, I continued tearing/crying, the trip has touched something deep within me that is beyond words. I got especially emotional when Adama acknowledged the challenge of being in a physical body. I could feel a lot energies during the journey. I sensed many light beings around me and they seem to know me. I asked them for help on a few things that I am trying to manifest in my current life. I am really grateful to have come across your work. Thank you! - Yen S.
My brightest joy in taking this trip with you, Lorie, is that now I know my family.  I’m not lost anymore and it’s comforting. I cannot express my gratitude to you in words.  I send you wishes on the bandwidth as your call to service has changed my life. - Vicki M.