Connect with your Star Family

Live group Session

Thursday, August 23rd @ 3:00pm PST

$39.00 USD


Join me in a small intimate group as I channel your star family. 

I will connect with each participants Star Family and deliver the messages and guidance that is coming through. 

You will have the opportunity to ask questions to these Beings.

You will Discover your Star Family

You will Receive personal messages and guidance from your Family of Light

You will hear from other Star Beings within the group


Learn more about a Group Journey into Telos from the video below



A LIVE (online) 90 minute group call connecting to your Star Families


$39.00 USD




  • The Live Journey will be via ZOOM (webcast and dial in)
  • The call will be recorded and sent to you after the session.
  • I will channel your Star Family and the other participants Star Families in a group setting allowing everyone to hear messages and guidance from these beautiful Beings of Light


  • Discover and reconnect with your Star Family
  • Receive messages from your Star Family
  • Have the ability to ask questions to your Star Family
  • Hear messages from other Star Families in the group






Whether you have journeyed with me before or have never heard of Telos this is an opportunity to experience, in a very real way, your fifth dimensional self in a multi-dimensional portal while being held in the arms of some extremely beautiful and heart centered Beings. 

If you feel an intuitive pull within you to experience TELOS, the Lemurians, your Star Family or just curious what messages may be waiting inside for you, I invite you to come along! 

 I hope you join us!

It is be my deepest honor to serve you!