Higher self transmission 

There is always a flow of communication between your Higher Self and you.

Sometimes you hear it and sometimes you struggle with trusting and allowing the messages to come through.

This is where I come in.

I am a bridge between you and your Higher Self.

I  bring you closer to your Higher Self so that you can FEEL, HEAR and EXPERIENCE her/him daily.

My Higher Self transmissions are direct downloaded messages from your Higher Self to you. It's the purest form of communication with direct, piercing messages and guidance for your highest good at this moment in your life.

 The transmissions are an opportunity for you to connect with your Higher Self in a way you don’t typically get to experience. I impart the deep, honest, truths that your Spirt is wanting you to hear at this time. 


This Is A Simple And Straight Forward Way To Receive Messages From Your Higher Self channeled Directly From Me To You.

This is for you If:

  • You need clarity on a specific question or questions in your life

  • You are looking for guidance in a certain area of your life

  • You are wanting to connect with your Higher Self

  • You have a desire to be centered and connected to who you are

  • You are ready to FEEL, HEAR, and EXPERIENCE more of your Higher Self in your life

  • You are longing to know your Purpose and your life's work


 This was incredible, deep, stuff. I feel more connected to my higher self than I ever have. I cried a number of times while listening to the audio.      - LS, Qatar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


How It Works:

  • You order the channelng below

  • You email me all your questions or you can ask for a free flowing channeling. A free flow channel allows whatever your Higher Self wants to share with you for your highest good right now.

  • I sit in meditation and channel your Higher Self receiving the messages and guidance

  • The messages will be sent as a recording (MP3) which you can listen to at any time

  • You will receive the email with your transmission within 48 hours


I just wanted to start off with expressing my deepest gratitude to and for you for facilitating such a beautiful higher self transmission. I instantly knew it was everything I needed to hear and know. The recording had my soul vibrating and my body tingling the entire time! And to be honest it hadn't stopped.    - CM, Alberta, Canada                                                                                                                                                               



If you are interested please order below

I will email you requesting your questions or confirming the free flow channelling 


While going through a very challenging time, I reached out to Lorie for her insight and guidance. I was blown away. What she revealed to me and offered in her reading are words of wisdom that support me beyond belief. I continually refer back to what she has shared as a beacon of light along the rocky road. Her talent for tapping into your inner world and also communing with your higher self, Spirit guides and any other light beings is astonishing. I very highly recommend Lorie to anyone wanting some great clarity, support, counsel and direction for their highest good. One of the best readings I have ever been blessed with. Thank you Lorie!                                                   - AW  Grass Valley, CA

When you contact the Higher Self , the source of power within, you tap into a reservoir of infinite power
— Deepak Chopra