One day group immersive on Mount Shasta

Engage, connect and receive from your star family

They are calling you back to your Remembrance

Would you love to spend an entire day with the energies of your Star family?

Discovering who they are and the messages they have for you?

Are you ready to begin to co-create with these Beings now?

I have designed a very unique and intimate opportunity for you to spend a day with your Star family on powerful Mount Shasta.

In this day long group immersive you will journey both WITHIN and ON the mountain. 

We will spend the morning taking a guided Journey inside Mount Shasta (using our etheric bodies) to explore Telos and the Star Gates within the mountain It is during this journey that you will discover who your Star family is, if you don't already know.

We will then spend the afternoon on a powerful portal on the mountain releasing, receiving and connecting with your Star Families.

This entire day will be spent working intimately with the Star Beings.

You will release and drop into the Earth anything that no longer serves you. 

You will open and receive powerful and potent light activations.

You will align and connect with your Light Body.

You will receive clear direct messages and guidance from these beautiful Star Beings.

You will come back home to you and your Star Family.

You will spend a day immersed in the powerful energies of Mount Shasta. 

 These beautiful Beings asked me to design this day for YOU.

They are patiently waiting here on the Mountain to reconnect and walk side by side on this journey with you.


I will provide an open portal to these star beings who are ready to interact, engage and love you up. 


1 day Immersive this summer

 8 spots Available 


September 14th, 2018 (10:00am - 4:00pm)


$299 a person

One Day Immersive: $299.00

It Is Time To Reconnect and co-create with your star family


what you may experience from an Immersive:

  • Engage With Your Star Family, The Lemurians And The Ascended Masters
  • Enter a 5th Dimensional Portal On The Mountain 
  • Receive Powerful Light Activations In A Star Gate Portal 
  • Allow The Waters Of The Mountain To Heal and Soften You
  • Receive Direct Guidance From Your Family Of Light 
  • Remember Who You Are And Why You Are Here
  • Set Powerful Intentions 
  • Clear And Release Energies within your Subtle Bodies
  • Experience The Palpable Embodiment Of Your Higher Self

Hear from those That have met Their Star Family:

"Journeying to Telos and meeting my Star Family has been life changing for me” - Chan Singh

“I basked in the love and the light of meeting with my family and feeling the true connectivity and love I have so longed to feel” - -Ainsley Phillips

"I feel like Harry Potter when he got his letter of acceptance into Hogwarts! I feel these beautiful Light Beings around me and their powerful, quickening waves of energy" - Kasia Kamita

“My brightest joy in taking this trip with you, Lorie, is that now I know my family” - Vicki Novac

“Thank you for taking me to meet my old friends and family” -  Bob Bolce

Let's go play with these beautiful Beings

right here on mount shasta.

They are waiting for you!

IMG_1046 copy.jpg

Included In The Immersive

  • A Group Journey into Telos to meet your Star Family 
  • A recording of the Guided Journey inside Telos
  • The afternoon spent on a Powerful Star Gate Portal receiving & releasing with our Star Family 

Not Included:

  • Hotel
  • Transportation to Mount Shasta
  • Meals

Meet Your Guide

Lorie of Lemuria


Lorie is an ascension guide and channel for Star Beings and the Lemurians. She accesses the multi-dimensional portals within Mount Shasta including the Lemurian city of Telos to activate the remembrance of your Soul’s Path and reconnect you to your Lemurian and Star Family.  

She is a teacher on ascension, multi-dimensional living and transitioning into the fifth dimension. Through her direct channeled communication with the Beings inside Mount Shasta as well as her powerful guided journeys into the Mountain, Lorie assists in the remembrance of your Soul’s Purpose, activating the innate gifts within you, experiencing your multi-dimensional Self, and receiving guidance on your Soul’s path. Lorie is honored to be walking side by side with all of you and she is humbled to be able to introduce Telos and all the Beings within Mount Shasta to the world.

Today, Lorie lives in Mount Shasta and dedicates her life to assisting humanity in this planetary shift. Her greatest prayer is that you remember who you are and why you are here. Lorie is honored to be walking side by side with all of you. 


 1 day Immesive this summer

 8 spots Available 


September 14th, 2018 (10:00am - 4:00pm)


$299 a person

One Day Immersive: $299.00


Journey With your star family & Experience The Power Of This Holy Mountain


Please feel free to contact me below with any questions.