Intuitive guidance session

I am here to assist in your ascension. My spiritual guidance session's are guided by your guides, the ascended masters and your star family.  Each session will bring exactly what you need whether that be deep healing, light activations, cord cutting, specific messages or energy clearing. It is a very organic process that is filled with ease, grace and love.  

I work with individuals that are ready to courageously step deeper into their purpose, walk boldy into the parts of them that are asking to be loved, and patiently listen to the messages that are guiding them back home.   

I am here not as a teacher but as a guide, a way shower, walking with you straight into the highest version of yourself.  


An Intuitive Guidance Session Is For You If:

  • You are moving through your ascension and are looking for guidance and a nudge to keep you on your path.
  • You feel the call to begin your purpose work.
  • You know you are a channel and need guidance in sharpening the skill.
  • You are ready to embody more of your Higher Self.
  • You feel blocked in any area of your life and are looking for clearing and healing.
  • You feel a strong desire to connect with your Guides, Star Family and Ascended Masters for support, and guidance.

"Lorie came into my life at the most auspicious time in my awakening. Completely shaken and in shock by the extraordinary turn of events life had presented to me, she showed up as a potent guiding light, the only one that I felt really understood where I was at on my journey. Her powerful connection to source saved me and got me to turn in the direction of living my true divine purpose. Sitting in Lorie’s calm loving presence is both grounding and inspiring beyond measure. I am forever grateful for this special gifted healer. I love you with all my open heart Lorie. Thank you so very much".  - KD, San Rafael, CA



A Spiritual Guidance Session Offers:

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  • Clear and direct messages from your Higher Self, Guides, Ascended Masters and Star Family
  • Assistance in expanding and evolving to the next level of your spiritual growth 
  • A deep dive into any area of your life that you feel needs restoring, reflection, or transformational healing
  • Discover and unblock limiting beliefs that are holding you back in your life
  • Download and embody more of your Higher Self into your physical body
  • Answers and clarity on your next highest action for any area in your life
  • Clearing mental, physical and spiritual blocks that may be holding you back in creating the life you desire
  • Specific and direct teachings on how to become a clear channel



"I was in a place on my life's journey where I knew I was being held back because of some suppressed emotions that kept arising for me.  When I had my session with Lorie, I immediately felt comfortable and in a safe space to talk about anything that came up for me. I could feel her heart centered presence which helped me get to my heart center and with Lorie's guidance and her Divine gift of being able to listen I was able to connect to those emotions.  I finally felt healed from so much of my past that I had not been able to heal before. Thank you Lorie for all that you have helped me overcome and for all the people in the future you will be helping, I am forever grateful to you. You are truly a loving gifted healer of the soul.  My love and blessings to you"  - SL, San Rafael, CA


Inside your essence whispers to you to remember your light
— Heather Ash Amara