1-on-1 session

Journey to meet your star family

I provide a 60 minute session where I call in your cosmic family and guides into your room and I channel the messages and guidance they have for you. There is plenty of time for your questions and the session is recorded.

As we begin to shift into higher states of consciousness we are remembering there are beautiful Beings of Light that are here supporting us and ready to co-create and walk with us though the rest of our powerful awakening.

This session allows you to receive practical tools, clear messages and next steps, and the deep understanding of who you are and where you came from.

Allow me to walk you over the Cosmic Bridge connecting you to your Star Family waiting on the other side

In this 60 minute session I will…

Connect you with your Cosmic Guides and Star Family. They will enter the session and you will energetically feel them.

Translate the messages they have for you at this time, including where you came from, why you are here and direct ways in which you can step deeper into your work.

Prescribe the necessary action steps to assist you in stepping into or continuing to move deeper into your Soul’s Purpose.

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60 Minute Call ($250)

You are the one who took me through the door and made it possible on a Conscious level to meet & interact with my Star Family. You are a living role model of the New Humanity in action Now! - Shirley

The Three Sep Process in This session

Step 1: Connecting you to your Star Family:

  • I will call in and invite your Star Family into the session.

  • You will discover where you are from in the Cosmos and why you are here.

  • You will feel, hear, and perhaps see these beautiful Beings as they enter into your space.

Step 2: Translating their messages and Asking your questions:

  • I will translate their energetic messages into our human language.

  • You will ask them all your questions.

  • You will receive guidance and clarity from your family of Light.

Step 3: Prescribing action items:

  • They will provide detailed action items, tools and steps you can put to use after the session.

  • You will receive clarity on your next steps.

  • You will have an understanding of where you are and where you are going along your unique path.

Journeying with you and meeting my Star Family has been life changing for me - Chan

It Is Time To Reconnect and co-create with your star family


I basked in the love and the light of meeting with my Star Family and feeling the true connectivity and love I have so longed to feel -Ainsley

Schedule Your  journey

60 Minute Call ($250)

My brightest joy in taking this trip with you, Lorie, is that now I know my star family - Vicki

If you have any questions regarding this journey please feel free to each out to me below