Journey with the blue avians

healing, activation, integration


During this 60 minute session…

  • connect with the Blue Avian Star Beings

  • Receive a powerful healing from the Blue Avians

  • Experience the unique Blue Avian Healing Chamber

  • Release emotions, mental blocks and Physical pain that no longer serve you

  • Experience a powerful Light activation within your Physical body

This session is for you…

  • if you are struggling with physical pains and/or discomforts you are ready to release

  • If you are battling with beliefs systems that are holding you back from moving forward in your life

  • If you are desiring to let go of old, deep emotions that are continuing to resurface

  • If you crave more space and expansion within your Physical body to hold more Light

  • If you are ready for more flow, ease and grace in your life

  • If you wish to align deeper with your Higher Self and your Divine Blueprint

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