journey with the Pleiadian’s: REPLAY

Pleiadian Heart activation & channeled messages

$33.00 USD

This is an invitation from the pleiadian’s

I have been guided byThe Pleiadians to provide a Live group journey with the intention of allowing us to connect with these beautiful Beings allow them to remind us of the courageous journey we are on.

In this 60 minutes Journey the Pleiadian’s are going to provide A BEAUTIFUL HEART ACTIVATION as well as POWERFUL CHANNELED MESSAGES for our courageous human ascension.

They see us moving through massive energetic portals as we physically ascend. They want to sit with us and remind us why we are shifting consciousness and love us through it.

They will speak to us, activate us, remind us and love us.

I am honored to be able to connect you with the Pleiadian’s and allow them to bathe you in love, light and information.

“ You are all courageous in your Conscious evolution. A

nd we are here to Remind you of who you are and assist you in the ways we know how.

We love you”

- The Pleiadian Council of 12

A short video describing the Group Journey



  • Connect with the Pleiadian Light Beings.

  • Be guided through a powerful Heart centred activation by the Pleiadian’s.

  • Receive channeled messages from the Pleiadian’s for your current ascension journey

  • Interact and feel the energy of the Pleiadian Beings.

  • Receive your own unique messages from the Pleiadians.

  • Q&A