journey with the sirian’s:


Sirian activations & channeled messages

$33.00 USD

This is an invitation from the Sirian’s

The Sirian’s wish to connect with us right now as we currently clear out emotional, mental and physical pains within our bodies.

They see us moving through massive energetic portals as we do our best to physically shift consciousness.

They are here to assist.

In this 60 minutes Journey they provide PROFOUND HEALING ACTIVATIONS as well as POWERFUL CHANNELED MESSAGES for our courageous human ascension.

They are going to sit with you allowing you to feel them energetically and receive their powerful light and love.

They will speak to you, activate you, remind you and love you.

I am honored to be able to connect you with the Sirian’s and allow them to bathe you in love, light and information.

“ We are here to assist you in this planetary shift in consciousness and We are waiting to connect with you now.

Let us remind you of how we work Together. Let us love you, honor you and serve you.

We love you”

A short video describing the Group Journey