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5 week guided journey into telos

Are you ready to...

Create a stronger more embodied relationship with your Higher Self?

Visit the multi-dimensional city of Telos and meet your Lemurian brothers and sisters?

 Open and clear your channel for clear, direct messages to come through?

Experience and deepen your relationship with your Star Family and Ascended Masters?

Align with your purpose and activate the gifts within you?

Open and clear all 7 chakra centers allowing latent gifts to arise

Cut any remaining cords from relationships both in this lifetime and in past lifetimes

Journey into 5 unique temples for your own healings and activations?



I have created a 6 week live virtual series taking you inside Telos, the Lemurian city of light within Mount Shasta. You will receive messages, activations, accelerations and healings for your Ascension; Focusing on deepening your shift into the fifth dimension. Each week we will journey into a different Temple designed to accelerate, activate, heal and awaken specific parts of you. 



In this series you will journey with me inside the city through active guided meditation and bi-location. This is an interactive process where you will join with your Higher Self to receive healings, activations and direct guidance. You will experience a new paradigm for healing and awakening more of your multi-dimensionality. This series is a new way of participating in your own ascension. I will be your guide and Telos will be your teacher. 


In this series you will EXPERIENCE shifts, activations, and healings in real time within Telos accelerating your healing process, your light body activations and the integration of the fifth dimensional frequency. You will speed up any shifts you are feeling in your life right now. Each week you will feel more expansive, connected and aligned to your Higher Self.  


In this series you will walk side by side with the ascended masters, your star family and many other multi-dimensianl beings as you assimilate the fifth dimensional frequency into your body. You will laugh side by side with some amazing Masters, experience powerful healings in the arms of your star family, and activate your light body with the help of your Guides and Higher Self.  You will experience an ascension chamber, a violet flame activation chair,  meditate on a beautiful crystal rose bed and experience the activation of your Diamond Heart. 

A little about telos

Telos, is a multi-dimensional city inside Mount Shasta. The beings that live inside are from the continent Lemuria that sank over 15,000 years ago. They have been waiting for this time to welcome us into Telos. They are here to guide us into the fifth dimension with as much ease and grace as possible as well as provide us with healings and powerful activations to prepare our bodies for the shift.  

The beings inside Telos  have opened up their city and their temples for our own spiritual growth. They have gone through the same ascension process we are going through now and as our brothers and sisters they want to support us and make the transition as easy as possible. They are here to walk us into the fifth dimension. 

benefits you will receive from the COURSE:

Activate your crown chakra to allow for a more direct channel of communication with your I Am Presence

Heart opening activations bringing in more love and compassion both for yourself and humanity

Becoming clear on your Purpose and receiving guidance for your next steps

Download and anchor more of your Higher Self into your physical body

Work Intimately with ascended masters, star beings, your own spirit guides, and guardian angels

Refine your Channel to receive clear messages from multidimensional beings

Clear out traumas, beliefs and emotions stuck within your body 

Open and clear all 7 chakra centers allowing latent gifts to arise

Cut any remaining cords from relationships both in this lifetime and in past lifetimes

Physical acceleration of your light body, activating you into a higher frequency, accelerating your fifth dimensional body and your Ascension.


The Series

Week 1 

An introduction to Telos 

  • Introduction to Lemuria, Telos and the fifth dimension 
  • Overview of the series and how it works
  • Discuss any physical, mental, and emotional experiences you may have throughout our 6 weeks together
  • Journey into Telos to meet your Telos guide and experience your fifth dimensional body
  • Receive personal messages from the High Priest of Telos, Adama
  • Q&A 


Week 2

Journey into the Will of God Temple

  • Work with the Blue Flame of The Will of God
  • Surrender any fears, doubts and insecurities holding you back from connecting to your Self, your purpose, and your voice
  • Experience the Diamond Heart within you connecting you to your I Am Presence 
  • Feel yourself merge with your Higher Self
  • Embrace and acknowledge any parts of yourself that you abandoned and disliked in this life any other past life
  • Work with the Ascended Master El Morya


Week 3

Journey into the Illumination Temple 

  • Work with the Yellow Flame of Wisdom, Illumination And Mind Of God
  • Illuminate your Christ Consciousness and reawaken the attributes of the God Within
  • Surrender and heal old beliefs about yourself that have kept you in pain and limitation 
  • Experience and begin to merge your Ego with your Higher Self
  • Activate and open your Crown Chakra allowing for more of your channel to flow
  • Work with Ascended Master Lord Lanto



Week 4

Journey into the Crystal Rose Flame Temple of Love

  • Work with the Pink Rose Flame of Divine Love
  • Experience the opening and activation of the Christ Light within your Heart
  • Expand into more compassion and unconditional love for yourself and humanity
  • Receive powerful and direct healing's into your heart 
  • Activate and clear your Heart Chakra 
  • Work with Ascended Master Paul the Venetian




Journey into the Violet Flame Temple

  • Work with the Violet Flame of Transmutation 
  • Experience a powerful energetic clearing throughout your entire body 
  • Transmute and clear out past traumas, stuck emotions and limiting beliefs 
  • Feel more clear, integrated and aligned within your physical body and your Higher Self
  • Manifest your desires and bring more freedom into your life
  • Work with Ascended Master Saint Germain




Journey into the Ascension Flame Temple

  • Work with the White Flame of Purity 
  • Activate your light body and your DNA
  • Experience an atomic accelerator that will gently raise the light frequency within your body
  • Set goals and manifestations for your current ascension 
  • Experience a powerful third eye activation opening up your multidimensional senses 
  • Work with Ascended Master Lord Serapis Bay

What people are saying

My Journey into Telos with Lorie was transformational. I had heard about this offering for a while and was called to experience one. From the moment the journey began I immediately felt such a powerful heart activation. I was filled with light and my body was expanding and vibrating. We went into the Crystal Rose Temple and I was met by a few Ascended Masters who performed some very powerful healings on me while in the temple. I had a very huge light by my side the entire journey and I came to find out a few months later it was Mother Theresea who I now work intimately with. I also met with my inner child and had a very powerful healing with her recognizing many patterns and beliefs I held within me that I released with the help of my inner child. The entire experience with Telos was powerful, healing and transformational. Lorie's unique ability to guide people into Telos along with her beautiful connection to Adama was wonderful to experience. I am grateful for Lorie and for this amazing journey into Telos" - Brandy Littles


"From the first interview I heard with Lorie, I instantly knew that she saw the beauty within the depths of the human experience and that she used this experience to communicate with the other realms in a tangible, accessible and healing way. I knew from this first moment that Lorie not only had something to offer me in terms of sharing information about my guides and teachers but that she could also help me to access this place of communication within myself. I am so grateful to have journeyed with Lorie inside of Telos. The messages that I received from her ability to be a channel for these beings has propelled me into recognizing what is most important to me at this time. Her relationship to the beings inside of Telos is strikingly activating. During our time in Telos, I was finally able to see clearly who I am and what I am here to do. Lorie is not only gifted in her ability to channel and communicate messages, she is also a powerful and clear holder for the messages to come through me as well. Every thing that she expressed to me during our session resonated with me on a cellular level of deep knowing. I felt an extremely powerful emotional release and flow of confirmation that I am on the right path both during and after our session. I will forever feel the effects of our journey into Telos in a tangible way! Lorie is amazing, hands down, and I bow to her in gratitude for sharing the wisdom and teachings that she embodies with such strength. Thank you, Lorie.” - Emma Elisabeth


"My Journey into Telos with Lorie was a magical and transformative experience. Lorie creates a grounding and supportive space and lovingly guides you through a beautiful meditative journey. During my journey I experienced a profound healing and clearing of old energy throughout my body. With Lorie's clear, calm guidance, I was able to go deeply into my Higher Self and meet my guides and ancestors. Afterwards my heart felt purified, my mind open, and my spirit nourished. I am truly grateful for this experience and know that Telos is there for me whenever I decide to go back to receive deep healing and love" - Carly Clifford

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  • We will have a LIVE 90 minute call each week via Zoom. 
  • All calls will be recorded and sent to your inbox. If you are unable to participate live you will have access to the replay.  
  • We will journey intoTelos through my live, active, guided meditation using bi-location and out etheric bodies.
  • Each week we experience a unique temple where you will receive healing's activations and direct messages.
  • There will be time for Q&A after each call. 
  • Unlimited email support during the 4 weeks. 


Week 1: Monday, May 1st at 6:00pm - 7:30pm PST

Week 2: Monday, May 8th at 6:00pm - 7:30pm PST

Week 3: Monday, May 15th at 6:00pm - 7:30pm PST

Week 4: Monday, May 22nd at 6:00pm - 7:30pm PST

Week 5: Monday, June 5th at 6:00pm - 7:30pm PST

Week 6: Monday, June 12th at 6:00pm - 7:30pm PST

Meet Your Guide Lorie

Lorie is an ascension guide and a high council channel for the multi-dimensional beings inside Telos. She works intimately with these beings as well as  Ascended Masters, Star Beings and Spirit Guides.Her mission is to gracefully guide humanity into the fifth dimension, activating their light bodies, healing old patterns and beliefs systems and awakening the divinity within.

Lorie new at the age of 13 she was here to assist humanity through the ascension. It wasn't until 1995 while on a retreat in Mount Shasta, she was introduced to Telos and met Adama, High Priest of Telos. It was during this retreat she was shown her role in the ascension. She was here to introduce Telos to humanity and to bring humanity into Telos; Essentially bridging our two realities.

Today, Lorie dedicates her life to assisting humanity in this huge Planetary shift. She is here to remind us that ascension can be simple, that we are all moving through it and that the beings inside Telos are here to guide us step by step.  Lorie is honored to be walking side by side with all of you and she is humbled to be able to introduce Telos to the world. 


My prayer for you After this COURSE is that you will...                         

  • Embody more of your Higher Self 
  • Deepen your relationship with Source and your own Divine guidance 
  • Feel more embodied, grounded and empowered
  • Open up your channel to bring in clear messages
  • Live more in the present moment
  • Deeply trust your path and your purpose
  • Connect to your star family and the ascended masters
  • Live and feel more of the fifth dimensional frequency within you 


If you are feeling called...

To visit telos

Experience the Lemurian energy

Spend 6 weeks with your brothers and sisters inside the city


Join me as we expand into a higher version of ourselves  

Merge deeper into the fifth dimension

And activate your light body


It is my deepest honor to be guiding you inside

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