2 Hour Masterclass: Anchoring into the 4D

June 28th @ 1o:00am - 12:00pm PT

$29.00 USD | Live Via Zoom

Ascension is shifting out of one dimension and entering into higher dimension within your physical form. It is the anchoring into that dimension that allows you to fully BE in that dimension at all times.

All of us that are consciously moving through the ascension journey will be anchoring into the 4D and then eventually the 5D.

It is the physical body that has to anchor us into the next dimensional field and thus our bodies that have to vibrate at that frequency.

In this Masterclass I will teach all about the 4D, anchoring into it and understanding how to know where you are along your ascension journey.


  • Understand what it means to anchor into the 4th Dimension

  • Learn tools and techniques to assist you in anchoring into the 4D

  • How to know if you are anchored into the 4D

  • Be guided through a meditative journey allowing you to experience and feel the 4th Dimension

  • Q&A

My Intention for this class is to dive deep into the 4th dimension and allow you to understand where you are going or where you may already be in your ascension process

Video Describing The Masterclass: Anchoring into the 4D




$29.00 USD


June 28th | 10am - 12pm PT


  • The Masterclass will be via ZOOM (webcast and dial in). All details and links are emailed to you.

  • If you can’t make it live the replay will be sent to your inbox. You can send in questions before hand to get answered during the live class.