One day immersive on Mount Shasta 


We have designed a very unique opportunity for you to experience Mount Shasta's powerful 5th dimensional frequencies.

In this immersive you will journey both WITHIN and ON the mountain. 

You will spend the morning taking a guided Journey inside Mount Shasta (using your etheric bodies) to explore, Telos and the Star Gates that are within her. You will then spend the afternoon walking through portals and vortex's on the mountain. 

You will transform, surrender, awaken, and expand into the next highest version of yourself.  You will feel and integrate the 5th dimensional frequencies within you. You will spend the day with us walking in 5D.

My prayer for each immersive is you leave feeling more aligned with your Higher Self,  a deeper understanding and awareness of your purpose, a re-connection to your Star Family and your "souls path", and more expanded within your heart and connected to your truth.

You will be embraced by the power and beauty of this mountain

She will hold you, expand you, ground you, and remind you of who you are

Sit in the arms of this mountain




We designed these Journey's after experiencing our own powerful, transformational journey with the mountain. We allowed her to hold us deeply,  activating ourselves in her portals and vortexes, allowing us to remember who we are and why we are on the Planet at this time.

We surrendered to our purpose and released our past. We began to walk the path of our Divine mission. We now want to share everything we know about this mountain with you.  

Our personal transformations with the mountain prompted us to create this immersive for all of you so that you to can experience the powerful transformations available through this mountain. 

It Is Time To Activate And Remember The Reason You Are Here!



We provide both individual and group Journey's.

We design each journey uniquely for you and/or your group based on your needs and desires

Contact us below to receive details, rates and to book your journey

what you may experience from a one day immersive:

  • Engage With Your Star Family, The Lemurians And The Ascended Masters
  • Enter 5th Dimensional Portals On The Mountain Accessing Higher Dimensions of Consciousness
  • Receive Powerful Light Activations In A Star Gate Vortex
  • Allow The Waters Of The Mountain To Heal and Soften You
  • Receive Direct Guidance From Your Family Of Light and Spirit Guides
  • Remember Who You Are And Why You Are Here
  • Set Powerful Intentions 
  • Clear And Release Energies within your Subtle Bodies
  • Experience The Palpable Embodiment Of Your Higher Self
IMG_1046 copy.jpg
I felt so clear, so strong, so full love and magic. I received massive amounts of healing that day. I could feel my cells vibrating inside of me, being recharged, healed and upgraded. Since coming home.I feel as if I am being reborn with every new day.I am now more clear on my purpose than ever.  I have never been more clear on anything in my whole life. I am here and I AM ready. Lorie will guide you through the sacred sites with love and grace. I’m so thankful that she was by my side through this amazing, sacred journey to discover my purpose and fully receive the blessings of the mountain.    - KM, Eugene, OR       

What Is Included In The Immersive

  • Guided Journey into Telos (using your etheric body)
  • A tour of the scared portals and vortex's on the mountain. 

What Is Not Included:

  • Hotel
  • Transportation to Mount Shasta
  • Meals


Contact us below to receive details, rates and to book your journey 

Meet Your Guide

Lorie of Lemuria 


Lorie is an ascension guide and channel for Star Beings and the Lemurians. She accesses the multi-dimensional portals within Mount Shasta including the Lemurian city of Telos to activate the remembrance of who you are, why you are here, and the path of least resistance through your own ascension. 

She is a teacher on ascension, multi-dimensional living and transitioning into the fifth dimension. Through her direct channeled communication with the Beings inside Mount Shasta as well as her powerful guided journeys into the Mountain, Lorie reconnects you with your Lemurian and Star families. She offers you the opportunity to experience your multi-dimensional Self, feel and experience your Family of Light, assist in the acceleration of your personal ascension, and activate your light body. Lorie is honored to be walking side by side with all of you and she is humbled to be able to introduce Telos and all the Beings within Mount Shasta to the world.

Today, Lorie lives in Mount Shasta and dedicates her life to assisting humanity in this planetary shift. Her greatest prayer is that you remember who you are and why you are here. Lorie is honored to be walking side by side with all of you and she is humbled to be able to introduce Telos to the world.

Journey With us For The Day And Experience The Power And Magic Of This Holy Mountain

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