The Stargate Circle

An online Community

$23 a month

** You can cancel your subscription at any time**

The Stargate Circle is a community of like minded Souls moving through their unique ascension path. My intention in creating this community is to provide an interactive space where I can show up LIVE and provide support, guidance and channeled messages from the higher realms during this powerful shift in our ascension.

The Stargate Circle is an opportunity…

  • To spend more time with me each month along with a group of like minded Souls from all over the world.

  • To to feel connected with others. You are not doing this alone.

  • To receive guidance from higher dimensional Beings.

  • To have your questions answered and constantly learn more about your Ascension path.

  • To step into the next highest version of you over and over, together.

  • To have fun and Remember this is not meant to be Complicated.

A short video describing the StarGate Circle


Your monthly subscription includes…

1 Live 90 minute Q&A

Each month join Lorie live online for 1 90-minute Q&A’s. Lorie will be answering your questions on everything ascension related from the current energies, ascension symptoms, navigating relationships, diet, money, dimensions, and everything in between. You can submit your questions live on any topic.

1 Live 30 minute mini session with a community member

Each month lorie will choose at random a member of the StarGate Circle Community to receive a free 3o minute mini session. This session will be Live online in the Patreon community forum. If you are chosen you have the ability to show up on or off video. You will receive guidance from your Family of Light as well as have questions answered from these Beings.

1 Live 60 minute channeled message/teaching

Each month Join Lorie live online for a 30 minute Channeled Message or teaching relative to the current energies. She will bring in Light Beings to share messages for the current ascension timeline.

Community Forum

Connect with and receive support from like-minded souls walking their own unique ascension path.

How it works…

  • The community connects Live on Patreon 3 times a month. Patreon is a website that is easy to access from any device.

  • All events will be Live online. If you can’t join live you will have access to all the events in the Patreon community forum.

  • There will be chat boxes during the live events to ask questions, comment and connect with the community.

  • Three are no passwords or user ID’s needed to connect to the StarGate Circle.

  • All previous Live gatherings are archived in the Patreon community forum for your view at anytime.

  • In addition to the 3 Live events, I will be providing unscheduled Live online gatherings based on the monthly energies.

  • It’s a monthly subscription based community. You can cancel your subscription at anytime.

** You can cancel your subscription at any time**

If you have any questions regarding the StarGate Circle and how the community works please email me at