Group Q & A Session

Thursday, July 19th @ 2:00pm PT (90 min.)

$15.00 USD

Channeled Messages, Clear guidance, Clarity on your Path

Do you have a question or Questions that you would love to have answered?

Are you feeling squeezed, off kilter, alone?

Are you stuck, need clarity, a bigger perspective around an issue?

Are you curious about your Star family or how to communicate with higher Dimensional Beings?

Are you interesting in hearing from your Higher Self and how to communicate better with him/her?

I would love for you to join us

Bring your Questions

Join us this Thursday, July 19th @ 2pm PT for a Live Q&A. I will answer as many questions as I can in the 90 minute time frame. 

I will answer as many questions as I can during our 90 minutes together.

We will come together from many different walks of life all over the world to receive assistance and guidance in navigating these powerful   shifts.

We will be supported and joined by our beautiful families of Light, the Lemurians, our Guides and of course our Higher Selves. 

Drop in with me for 90 minutes and let's dive deep into any and all of your questions. 

Start thinking about your questions and Ill see you there!


A LIVE (online) 90 minute question & answer Group guided and channeled by Lorie. You bring yourself and your questions and Lorie will answer though her channeled guidance.


$15.00 USD


Thursday, July 19th at 2:00pm PT


  • The Group Q & A will be via ZOOM (webcast and dial in)
  • It will be recorded and emailed out within 4 hours after the group session.
  • You will be with other link minded humans and will share in asking and receiving answers to any questions you ave right now. 

I hope you join us!

It is be my deepest honor to serve you!