Experince Lemuria

6 recorded journeys inside Telos

I have recorded a set of 6 powerful and unique Journeys inside Telos, the fifth dimensional Lemurian city within Mount Shasta. The purpose of these recordings is to allow you to experience your Multi-Dimensional Self, feel the beautiful Lemurian energies and activate the remembrance of who you are and why you are here.

You will immerse yourself in the fifth dimensional frequencies, interact with Lemurian's, Star Beings, and Ascended Masters and receive healings, activations and messages for the next highest version of  you.  

Each journey holds it's own powerful frequency and was done intuitively through the guidance of the Multi-Dimensional Beings leading that journey. 


Star Activation Chamber 

  • Powerful Activations and Healings from beautiful benevolent Star Beings
  • Activate your dormant Star Lineage within your cells and DNA
  • Align and Activate your 15 energy centers
  • Remember your  Star Heritage 
  • Leave the journey feeling deeply loved and supported by your Star Family

Illuminating your purpose

  • Connect to your purpose 
  • Receive Guidance from Mary Magdalene and Jesus
  • Understand the role your Higher Self and I Am Presence play in uncovering your Purpose
  • Leave the journey feeling a deep connection to your purpose, your Humanity, and your Higher Self and I am Presence

Lemurian Heart Temple 

  • Experience a beautiful Lemurian Heart Temple
  • Receive a powerful Lemurian heart activation by 6 Lemurian priestesses
  • Allow the Angels to hold you in their wings and to soften every aspect of your humanness
  • Leave the journey feeling deeply loved and your heart opened  

Sacred Lemurian Water ceremony 

  • Experience a powerful water ceremony with a group of 13 Lemurian Priestesses 
  • Set a powerful prayer for yourself 
  • Manifest the next highest version of yourself for this moment
  • Leave the journey feeling embodied and connected to your prayer and your multi-dimensional Self


Higher Self Embodiment with Adama

  • Allow Adama to bring in all of your Higher Self
  • Feel, see and experience your Light within your Physical body
  • Learn how to see, feel and remove energy blocks that restrict the flow of Light moving through you.  
  • Leave this journey with a deep alignment, understanding and connection to your Higher Self & I Am Presence. 

Expanded Version of YOU

  • Experience your multi-dimensional Self; both the 3D and 5D version of you.
  • Receive a birds eye view of these 2 distinct aspects of your Self.
  • Feel, hear, see and experience these two versions of yourself.
  • Understand the integration of these 2 aspects of you as ascension.
  • Leave this journey with a larger perspective of your multi-dimensional Self and deeper understanding of ascension.