5 recorded journeys With The Sirian’s

I have created 5 powerful journey’s with the Sirian’s. Each recorded journey provides an intimate, unique and intentional experience with the Sirian’s. They come in strong and will be energetically felt within your space and room. These recordings are designed to assist you in your current now moment as you courageously shift into the next highest version of you.

In these Journey’s you will:

Increase your physical vibration and frequency.

Ativate your 15 energy centers in order to hold a clear channel within your form.

Clear and heal healing physical, emotional and mental pains from your physical form.

Connect, merge and integrate deeper into your Higher Self.

Journey into a 5th dimensional Temple and sit with a group of High Dimensional Light Beings.

Experience a powerful opening of the heart center connecting you deeply to the essence of Love that resides within you.

Interact, engage and feel the Sirian Light Beings

Receive channeled messages from the Sirian’s clarifying and assisting your current accession shifts.


Increase Your Light Frequency: 47 minutes | MP3

  • Receive a powerful Light Body scan and activation shifting your vibrational field

  • Receive messages from the Sirian’s

  • Experience the Sirian’s in your room



Clearing, Healing & Activating the Physical Form: 56 Minutes | MP3

  • Clear and Heal Emotional, Physical and Mental pains from the body

  • Receive a powerful light activation increasing your body’s virbation

  • Receive messages from the Sirian’s & Experience them in your room


Heart Center Activation for Self Love: 47 Minutes | MP3

  • Expand, activate and feel deep Love for your Self

  • Learn how to practice Loving all the aspects of you

  • Experience the Sirian’s in your room


Activate and Open your Channel: 51 Minutes | MP3

  • Activate, open and clear all 7 energy centers inside the body to open your channel

  • Learn how to align with your channel

  • Begin to to receive messages and guidance from your Higher Self, I Am Presence and other Higher Dimensional Beings


Journey into Telos with the Sirians: 72 Minutes | MP3

  • Experience a 5th dimensional portal and interact with Sirian’s and other Higher Dimensional Light Beings

  • Sit within a multi-dimensional Temple to merge with your Higher Self and integrate your Light Body

  • Receive messages from the Sirian’s and other Higher Dimensional Light Beings