Cosmic Activation Meditations

2 Powerful guided meditations with The Pleiadians and the Blue Avians

Each mediation allows you to experience a specific higher dimensional Being as well as receive a unique activation from them.

Journey with the Pleiadians: Heart Center Activation

  • Connect with the Pleiadian Star Beings

  • Experience a powerful Pleiadian activation within the Heart Center (4th energy center)

  • Receive beautiful messages and information about the Human Journey from the Pleiadians

  • Reconnect, remember and feel your Self as the Light Being within your physical vessel

  • Feel the deep unconditional Love from the Pleiadians

Journey with the Blue Avians: Healing Activation

  • Connect with the Blue Avian Star Beings

  • Experience a powerful Blue Avian Healing Chamber

  • Receive a powerful healing from the Blue Avians

  • Release and/or heal an emotional, physical or mental pain that no longer serves you