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This experience was fantastic! I have been to many mediums, spiritualist, purchased many tapes, been through activations, and this by far was the most accurate, enlightening, spot on experience I have ever had. I want to thank you so much for streaming  light into my life and helping me along my process in Telos. I saw the light!!!!! Your guidance in the beginning was perfect! Thank you isn’t enough for me to express how much I appreciate all you have done and all you do for our Spiritual Journeys. My Hope is to someday meet you in person and experience your guided tours through Telos!!! Many Blessings!
- Laura Eldridge, Tuscon, AZ

Wow! You are so talented and I am so grateful for these experiences. Without you as my guide and the Lemurians and my Star family, I would be spinning around in the 3D vortex just kicking up dirt. You have given me so much life changing information! It amazes me how you can narrate, feel and interpret so quickly. You are a superstar! And I think one of the best things about these experiences is that they don’t come from anyone human. Just like in me, many spiritual people have egos and strong minds to contend with. I have believed many people that gave me inaccurate readings about my circumstances and with these journeys I know everything is true and undeniable. I am buzzing with excitement and already listened to the recording! I cannot wait to see how these miracles unfold. Thank you so much for helping me. Thank you for your extraordinary work. Thank you for impacting my life in infinite ways.
Many blessings and so much love to you dear sister! 
-Jocelyn, Los Angeles
WOW I truly feel my Journey was one of the most important time/experience of my lifetime thus far! I feel so honored, joy-filled & inspired by your Love, Caring & Expertise! Look forward to staying connected. You are the one who took me through the door and made it possible on a Conscious level to meet & interact with my Star Family. You are a living role model of the New Humanity in action now.
-Shirley Young, CA
From the first interview I heard with Lorie, I instantly knew that she saw the beauty within the depths of the human experience and that she used this experience to communicate with the other realms in a tangible, accessible and healing way. I knew from this first moment that Lorie not only had something to offer me in terms of sharing information about my guides and teachers but that she could also help me to access this place of communication within myself. I am so grateful to have journeyed with Lorie inside of Telos. The messages that I received from her ability to be a channel for these beings has propelled me into recognizing what is most important to me at this time. Her relationship to the beings inside of Telos is strikingly activating. During our time in Telos, I was finally able to see clearly who I am and what I am here to do. Lorie is not only gifted in her ability to channel and communicate messages, she is also a powerful and clear holder for the messages to come through me as well. Every thing that she expressed to me during our session resonated with me on a cellular level of deep knowing. I felt an extremely powerful emotional release and flow of confirmation that I am on the right path both during and after our session. I will forever feel the effects of our journey into Telos in a tangible way! Lorie is amazing, hands down, and I bow to her in gratitude for sharing the wisdom and teachings that she embodies with such strength. Thank you Lorie - Emma, Oakland, CA
Wow, I don’t really know what to say - but thank you so so much! That was so incredible, I still feel quite affected by it - I slept so deeply I could hardly move till late morning today! It was a really beautiful experience, I felt very safe on the journey with you and meeting Adama was amazing - I can still feel his calm, kind and reassuring presence.  The journey into Telos was something else!  I felt a real peace and warmth in there, though at times the energy in the smaller room, it was so intense that I thought my head was going to explode and I had to zone out a bit. But I trust that whatever was being done was happening anyway.  I can’t wait to listen again actually and to try to be more present for that part. Thank you so much for the beautiful work you do.  - Annelise, United Kingdom
“ It has hard to describe in words how my Journey into Telos transformed me. It was the most profound experience I have had thus far. I was introduced to my Star family and felt the strongest sense of both being home and feeling a huge sense of relief. Relief that I was with them again. I felt such a powerful and pure energetic love from them and I knew I would never feel alone again. I received a very powerful healing and activation from them and weeks later I can still feel the shifts from that work. I didn’t know what to expect when going into Telos with Lorie but my entire life has shifted. My professional career has shifted, my personal life has shifted and my relationship with myself has shifted all in the most beautiful and positive ways. I would without a doubt recommend a one on one Journey Into Telos with Lorie. It is remarkable. - Jenny, New York, NY
It was an amazing journey.  I am filled with gratitude for you being the bridge between worlds for me. Your gift is quite special. It is subtle, but powerful. At no time did I feel overwhelmed. Right now I am calm, incredibly balanced, connected and feeling a bit taller than usual. I believe that I can now face any situation with more grace than I ever had before, not to mention the confidence I’ve gained in reference to my healing abilities.  I was truly ready for this. Thank you for enabling me to take the next giant step along my journey. I will be in touch to let you know what transpires.  -Cheryl, Plains, PA
I just wanted to say a huge “Thank YOU” because our journey to Telos has changed my life. I listen to our session just about every day and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet you! My session with you has given me so much reassurance. I know even more about my purpose on the planet and I have confidence that I am on the right path. I cannot even begin to tell you how much of a relief it is and how much truth I feel this experience illustrated. I literally feel like I will be doing exactly what Adama was saying and I fully expect to be delivering that good news to you in time. Aside from the epic clearings and activations that I received from the Lemurians and the star beings, I also got to meet you and it was such an honor. You are so cool and funny and down to earth!All my love to you! You are a rockstar! I am so grateful to have met you. Thank you! - Jocelyn, Rhode Island
Thank you so much for this call today. What a powerful session. What was powerful was the perfect Divine timing of hearing these consistent and repetitive messages and confirmations of my experiences, but from being in the space of a higher dimension where that 1% death grip ego isn’t ruling and allowing me to have that deeper sense of trust and understanding of the whirlwind chaos I’ve been eyeball deep in this past year. And also showing me and acknowledging that my gift are coming online BECAUSE I have been receiving these messages for quite some time now! Helping me stand stronger and more confident in my inner knowing. Thank you for this Lorie - what you do really is empowering and helpful in walking the path of sovereignty.
Lori, Dingwall, Nova Scotia
My experience with Lorie’s Journey into Telos series is beyond words. Before I met lorie and did the journeys I was so insecure and complacent in life but felt deeply like something was missing. After the journeys I felt like a completely new person, I figured out what my purpose on this planet is and how to connect with my Guides and so much more. It felt like a whole world was opened to me. I literally felt like I met Lorie for a reason. She completely activated me and propelled me onto my Soul Mission. It blows my mind all the change and growth I’ve experienced since I’ve met her and did the journeys. It’s truly a magical experience. - Kelsey, Louisiana
My brightest joy in taking this trip with you, Lorie, is that now I know my family.  I’m not lost anymore and it’s comforting. I cannot express my gratitude to you in words.  I send you wishes on the bandwidth as your call to service has changed my life - Vicki, Eureka, MT
Thank you. The session yesterday was lite changing for me and I cannot thank you enough for your guidance and insight. Your work is so important and I can see many benefitting from your gifts. -Michael, Fort Worth TX
WOW did that blow the roof off or what! Holy smokes...this has just taken it all to the next level! Thank you sincerely for the gift that is you and for your bravery. So much is integrating... so much is beginning to make sense... My family on earth, my journey up to now.. many many past lives... Its beginning to all make sense. And already I see a clarity as to what I do not need any longer.. many strings of attachment I can let go off... Really wonderful, thank you. What a profoundly beautiful experience... It was a rites of passage... I am so honored... so honored...I also kinda just wanna go back :)) No wonder we feel powerful and like we can do anything when we tune into that frequency of magnificent’s that we truly are... I am remembering and I AM BRAVE... all in divine timing. THANK you also for holding that space so gracefully, powerfully and warmly.. I felt safe, supported and held —Eva, Byrons Bay, Australia
Thank you Dearest Lorie I feel such relief and ease after the session. I have heard similar things said to me before. I have not been able to take it in like I did now. I have for years put a lot of pressure upon myself to be good enough, to know enough and to clear and develop myself. Then judgement because I did not see the results I was seeking. It was like it was said doing doing and not enough stillness. I got it now, and I know it will change my life. I am so grateful to you for bringing me to such a beautiful place. Finally I will surrender and TRUST - Bjorn, Oslo, Norway
There doesn’t seem the right words to thank you for such a gift .In all the teachers I have come across to date I never knew someone like you existed .To be quite honest I am still a bit dazed. To know my Leumerian partner is always wth me is so comforting. I now have a knowing that I didn’t have before , that I am supported and all I have to do is call upon that. I thank you Lorie from the bottom of my heart for being brave enough to step into your calling and helping me and many others find our way to ours.
-Joan, Chicago IL
Thank you again Lorie for this truly transformative experience. Wow, it was so powerful, I had to get out of the house afterwards, walk in nature and even hug some trees to bring myself back into balance. You were right, 90 minutes flew by so quickly and yet there was so much information and so much energy contained in that journey! Words can’t really describe my awe and gratitude. I feel like Harry Potter when he got his letter of acceptance into Hogwarts! I feel these beautiful Light Beings around me and their powerful, quickening waves of energy. I will absolutely follow all recommendations and I’m so glad I have the recording so that I can listen again and take notes. My gratitude to you for making it all possible. I feel like my life has been changed forever and I can’t wait to see where it will lead me.
- Kasia, NY, NY
My Journey into Telos with Lorie was transformational. I had heard about this offering for a while and was called to experience one. From the moment the journey began I immediately felt such a powerful heart activation. I was filled with light and my body was expanding and vibrating. We went into the Crystal Rose Temple and I was met by a few Ascended Masters who performed some very powerful healings on me while in the temple. I had a very huge light by my side the entire journey and I came to find out a few months later it was Mother Theresa who I now work intimately with. I also met with my inner child and had a very powerful healing with her recognizing many patterns and beliefs I held within me that I released with the help of my inner child. The entire experience with Telos was powerful, healing and transformational. Lorie’s unique ability to guide people into Telos along with her beautiful connection to Adama was wonderful to experience. I am grateful for Lorie and for this amazing journey into Telos - Brandy, Issaquah, WA
I feel SO good. I feel you and your journey was the most pure experience I’ve ever had and I felt quite a connection with Adama.  You are amazing!  - Cyndie, Del Mar, CA 
I entered Telos with Lorie after some time of feeling very called, but at the same time not feeling called. I got the explanation once inside. It was not the Lemurians I was there to meet. It was my Star Family and this meeting have been life changing for me since. Lorie guided me with such beautiful presence and made the whole experience very relaxed and ’normal’ even though we travelled to Telos inside a mountain, which is anything but normal. She channeled the whole experience for me, narrating what happened while we were there. I felt her immense support for me and my experience the whole time. I loved that I could also share time with her afterwards to be together in the amazing craziness of what just had happened. If you feel called to Telos, there is no time to lose. This was such a catalyst for my awakening and I am SO SO SO SO grateful.
- Alexa Marie, Sweeden
Thank you so much for what you did for me today. You really are a gift to this world and I wish you much love, light and success with all of your work.  I basked in the love and the light of meeting with my family and feeling the true connectivity and love I have so longed to feel.
- Ainsley, Bloomfield, NJ
My Journey into Telos with Lorie was a magical and transformative experience. Lorie creates a grounding and supportive space and lovingly guides you through a beautiful meditative journey. During my journey I experienced a profound healing and clearing of old energy throughout my body. With Lorie’s clear, calm guidance, I was able to go deeply into my Higher Self and meet my guides and ancestors. Afterwards my heart felt purified, my mind open, and my spirit nourished. I am truly grateful for this experience and know that Telos is there for me whenever I decide to go back to receive deep healing and love
- Carly, San Anselmo, CA
Lorie, Thank you for taking me to meet my old friends and family. What a joy just knowing they are present and I get to reacquaint in the near future! - Bob, Cincinnati, OH
I have never felt so safe in this life as I do after all that unfolded in our journey into Telos.Thank you!
- Katrina, Queensland, Australia
I can’t begin to thank you for such a beautiful, powerful, and meaningful journey!. Thank you again for such a wonderful experience. Your love and sweet care shine through your work, and I am so blessed to know you. Much much love to you! - Sandi, Austin, TX
Just had my first experience of telos and I just want to shout it from the rooftops!!! I feel liberated and free! I feel a sense of upliftment and lightness I’ve been craving for a very long time now. So many answers arose from my journey. Feeling humbly blessed and wonderfully loved. Thank you Lorie Ladd for a profound experience and thank you to my guide, who’s here with me now embracing me. I don’t feel alone anymore!!! Oh I can’t explain! Thanks you thank you thank you - Kathryn, South Yorkshire, UK
Thank you so much for the wonderful journey to Telos!!!  Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever done and it was much needed at this time!  I really needed that connection and hope and clear info about where and who I am, although much to still be determined!  I’m very excited about what is coming. - Karen, Ann Arbor, MI
I have already felt a tremendous shift.... a lightness of being..... very present to this moment and all it brings....Great thanks and love to you and all that you are! - Kamal, Austin, TX
I have noticed a big change within myself since Telos. These shifts have been huge. My ‘guys’ have been showing me new  (but old) methods with my hands & giving me opportunities to use them. Seriously or should I say Siriusly, the Journey with you was life changing for me especially at this powerful time. I am forever grateful love. Thank you. Much love. - Kirsten Schubel , New South Whales, Australia
Thank you! I felt so clear, so strong, so full of love and magic. I received massive amounts of healing. I could feel my cells vibrating inside of me, being recharged, healed and upgraded. I feel as if I am being reborn with every new day. I am now more clear on my purpose than ever.
There is no turning back now! I have never been more clear on anything in my whole life. I am here and I AM ready.. I’m so thankful that you were by my side through this amazing, personal, sacred journey to discover my purpose and fully receive the blessings of the mountain and Telos. Thank you again for being such an amazing guide I love you! thank you again so much!! You are amazing!
- Kellie, Florence, OR